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Notes to Bean…


I’ve begun creating a comic strip series of observation, advice and inspiration in celebration and contemplation of the little bun in my wife’s oven. I’m planning to have a few dozen of them by the time my Bean is born. Give a look, leave a note of your own to the little guy if you’d like, share it with any parents-to-be you might know of.

Public Angry!


BP also stands for Blood Pressure… coincidence? I think not!

When this image parodying the classic Public Enemy cover came to me, I had to create it.

Celebrating 25 Years of Success!


Celebrating 25 Years of Success - BW line art, digitally illustrated group caricature.



Finished the mermaid piece…
I think she looks damn hot and am starting on a few more of her girlfriends to make a set of them.
10″x20″ giclee prints for sale soon.

Please pass the ketchup!


I recently received a request from someone who’d found my previous termite illo, via a google search that landed her here, to license the image for their own needs.
Unfortunately it was created under a work-for-hire agreement, and I couldn’t just make a few bucks off of my previous efforts. Bummer. Back to the well I go… to revisit the concept with a new illustration, as I’m retaining ownership and just allowing limited usage for the new client, this time it’s mine, all mine!
So, if by chance, you’ve found this entry by a google search yourself, and want to use this piece for your business needs, too, give me a shout, maybe we can come to some sort of an agreement.
Thanks for visiting!

I set up an etsy shop…


Offering up some random stuff for sale from the archives… a few WWN spot illustrations, some life drawings, sketches and the ink art to the Marilyn Zombie piece… Provided some of these move, I’ll be adding a lot more to this shop in the coming weeks & months. Favorite me there!

Follicles of Fury!


My cousin Paul Luther as a young Olympic wrestling hopeful in the age of the afro. Caricature drawn entirely in Adobe Photoshop.




These are not finished pieces, nor are they for clients, but they are pretty freakin’ cool, if I do say so myself.

Garden buds


Some fun character designs for a gardening company. Full color cartoon illustration created in photoshop.

Brains Meet Beauty

marilyn_brainsBrains meet Beauty… Zombie Marilyn
Pen & ink on watercolor paper, colored digitally with photoshop.
I’m toying with the notion of illustrating zombified or horror-themed portraits of some other iconic dead stars and releasing as a portfolio set or art book.

Hungry Buggers


Cartoon iaaallustration of termites eating home for pest control company signage, vector art created in adobe illustrator.

Cauldron a’brewin’!


Halloween Pin-up illustration… created in photoshop.


TriRail Kids Club Coloring Book


Custom coloring book illustrated for TriRail. Illustrated in Adobe Photoshop.

Get Crap Sold!

Get Crap Sold

Get Crap Sold

Promotional Illustration for freelance cartooning services. Illustrated in Adobe Photoshop.




Eco-Educational Kids’ Mascot Character Design. Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator.

Caricature 11/08



Full color digitally illustrated caricature for corporate client’s CEO Birthday Gift. Yet another happy caricature subject, lovingly roasted by his employees! Artwork created and rendered in Photoshop.