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Finished the mermaid piece…
I think she looks damn hot and am starting on a few more of her girlfriends to make a set of them.
10″x20″ giclee prints for sale soon.

Follicles of Fury!


My cousin Paul Luther as a young Olympic wrestling hopeful in the age of the afro. Caricature drawn entirely in Adobe Photoshop.




These are not finished pieces, nor are they for clients, but they are pretty freakin’ cool, if I do say so myself.



Cartoon Parodies created in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign and Traditional Media for humor publications Cracked Magazine and Gag! Magazine.

Illustrated and Designed by Dave Berns

Ripped from the pages of world-famous… er, infamous… ok, ok, long-forgotten Humor Magazines Cracked and Gag, these parodies were all lovingly illustrated by me. Just about the most fun I’ve ever had professionally. If you’re looking for contributions to a humor/parody publication, please believe I want in! Enjoy…



Comic book and Comic Strip material created in Photoshop, Pen & Ink and Mixed Media Techniques.

Penciled, inked, colored, toned, lettered and sometimes written by Dave Berns

Who doesn’t love a good comic book or comic strip? Ok, besides people with sex lives? That’s what I thought! So make believe you’re a 40-something geek living in Mom’s basement, dig into these sequential goodies and enjoy.

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