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Celebrating 25 Years of Success!


Celebrating 25 Years of Success - BW line art, digitally illustrated group caricature.

I’m with…


It’s an established fact that Conan O’Brien is a preferable talk show host to Jay Leno (one that apparently NBC execs are unaware of). After seeing literally hundreds of my fb friends sign up for the “I’m with COCO” club, it occurred to me that virtually ANY Coco would make a more compelling host than the whiny talking chin.
So, given that I have this moderately funny parody idea and nowhere to put it… I’m experimenting with a self-distribution model that also uses the whole grass-roots social media campaign. If it gives you a chuckle, link up to it, and pass it along to your friends. Maybe enough of them will order a print to make this experiment a success.
PS: I hardly watch TV, but FYI, Jimmy Kimmel trumps Conan, Leno, Letterman, Fallon & Ferguson. That said even Kimmell is no Byron Allen!

Follicles of Fury!


My cousin Paul Luther as a young Olympic wrestling hopeful in the age of the afro. Caricature drawn entirely in Adobe Photoshop.


The calling card everyone’s talking about…


Here it is, the artwork for my freelance illustration business card. Yes you can have one.

Dave Berns' business card

Dave Berns' business card

Caricature 11/08



Full color digitally illustrated caricature for corporate client’s CEO Birthday Gift. Yet another happy caricature subject, lovingly roasted by his employees! Artwork created and rendered in Photoshop.

Caricature 12/08


matt_caricature_12-081Full color digitally illustrated caricature for corporate client’s Holiday Gift. As per usual, it was the hit of their Christmas Party! Artwork created and rendered in Photoshop.



Cartoon Parodies created in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign and Traditional Media for humor publications Cracked Magazine and Gag! Magazine.

Illustrated and Designed by Dave Berns

Ripped from the pages of world-famous… er, infamous… ok, ok, long-forgotten Humor Magazines Cracked and Gag, these parodies were all lovingly illustrated by me. Just about the most fun I’ve ever had professionally. If you’re looking for contributions to a humor/parody publication, please believe I want in! Enjoy…



Comic book and Comic Strip material created in Photoshop, Pen & Ink and Mixed Media Techniques.

Penciled, inked, colored, toned, lettered and sometimes written by Dave Berns

Who doesn’t love a good comic book or comic strip? Ok, besides people with sex lives? That’s what I thought! So make believe you’re a 40-something geek living in Mom’s basement, dig into these sequential goodies and enjoy.

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Custom studio caricatures created in Photoshop for freelance and private clients.

Illustrated by Dave Berns

Whether it’s for a magazine cover, marketing collateral or just a unique framed gift poking fun at the recipient, my Caricature work has made many a client laugh… usually at the expense of the piece’s subject!



Spot and editorial Illustrations created Photoshop, Illustrator & Traditional Media.

Illustrated by Dave Berns

No, the life of a top-level illustrator isn’t all fun and games, but it’s understood that one would think that from viewing these exciting cartoon illustrations by Dave Berns. It is work, y’all, requiring quite a bit of specialized skill and thought… somewhere between rocket science and brain surgery (so please pay accordingly)!


Attitude T-Shirt Designs


T-Shirt Illustrations created with Photoshop & Illustrator and Traditional Media.

Concieved & Illustrated by Dave Berns

Don’t judge me! These are some clever, if juvenile, T-Shirt designs developed for major national retail chains with senses of humor almost as warped as my own!