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Movin’ on up…


So, I’ve redesigned my page and am going to be hosting it myself from now on. Come visit me there at if you want to see my latest works (& I know you do).


Public Angry!


BP also stands for Blood Pressure… coincidence? I think not!

When this image parodying the classic Public Enemy cover came to me, I had to create it.

I’m with…


It’s an established fact that Conan O’Brien is a preferable talk show host to Jay Leno (one that apparently NBC execs are unaware of). After seeing literally hundreds of my fb friends sign up for the “I’m with COCO” club, it occurred to me that virtually ANY Coco would make a more compelling host than the whiny talking chin.
So, given that I have this moderately funny parody idea and nowhere to put it… I’m experimenting with a self-distribution model that also uses the whole grass-roots social media campaign. If it gives you a chuckle, link up to it, and pass it along to your friends. Maybe enough of them will order a print to make this experiment a success.
PS: I hardly watch TV, but FYI, Jimmy Kimmel trumps Conan, Leno, Letterman, Fallon & Ferguson. That said even Kimmell is no Byron Allen!



Cartoon Parodies created in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign and Traditional Media for humor publications Cracked Magazine and Gag! Magazine.

Illustrated and Designed by Dave Berns

Ripped from the pages of world-famous… er, infamous… ok, ok, long-forgotten Humor Magazines Cracked and Gag, these parodies were all lovingly illustrated by me. Just about the most fun I’ve ever had professionally. If you’re looking for contributions to a humor/parody publication, please believe I want in! Enjoy…