4 Responses to “I hope you like jammin’ too…”

  1. Are You Buff Enough! « DAVEBERNS.COM Says:

    […] DAVEBERNS.COM The Portfolio of Cartoonist Extraordinaire, Dave Berns! « I hope you like jammin’ too… […]

  2. Are You Buff Enough? | daveberns.com Says:

    […] Jamestown, North Dakota’s Buff City Brawlers will have their work cut out for them competing in their inaugural season in the WFTDA, next year. Insofar as branding goes, however, in my not-so humble opinion, their only competition will be from South Florida’s own Jupiter Jammers. […]

  3. April Says:

    Hi! I saw your logo, and have been looking for a derby team nearby. I’ve googled the crap out of this team and can’t find any info on them. I’d it a real team? How can I get in contact with them? Please let me know! Aprilblank@rocketmail.com

    • daveberns Says:

      Hey April, Oddly enough, this is one of a few messages I’ve received along these lines. I do not know the details of the team, I was hired by a third party agency to illustrate this piece for a team that was being formed, as I recall. I’m a few towns south of Jupiter, so I’m not in the loop, but I will reach out to the agency that hired me to see if they know anything & forward to you by email if I get a reply.

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